28 10 / 2012

so i’ve made my decision to teach in Korea by Feb. 2013.

Right now, I have a stable job as a case worker. But it’s just not what I want to do. I’m 22 years old!!! I want to travel.I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk every day. My minds been made up. Korea here I come!! haha well I still need to actually FIND a job, but I’ve had a lot of experience so I feel like I could find one? I taught English in Korea every winter and summer break in my college years. That should help right? But I’ve heard gyopos (Korean-Americans) find it difficult to find jobs b/c schools usually want a WHITE face. -__- but hopefully i’ll find a job.

Gyopo. a word i didn’t know until applying to be a teacher in Korea. Apparently I am a jaemi-gyopo which means I am of Korean descent but I’m living in America. Born and raise in the U.S.! specifically California.

So yes i’m leaving sunny California to go to REALLY HUMID & FREEZING Korea. But whatever i’m down!

hardest part right now is getting the f4 visa. i need a family registry (hojuk) from Korea, only problem is I don’t have ANY relatives in Korea. MY WHOLE FAMILY (every single one of them!) came to America at least 20 years ago. Sigh. And i am not rich enough to fly to Korea just to get that. -__- we’ll see where this leads me.

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